Why women have close bond with kids and family?

In this article, I am going to explain why women very emotional. Humans very emotional. they express facial feeling as emotion, for example, laugh, angry, cry etc. we all show these emotions all the time in our day to day life. compare to man, women have lots of mood changes. the mood is depending on the emotion. emotion depending on the encounter. for example. if you win a prize u feel happy emotion, so your mood becomes happy. if you hear a sad news your mood become sad. here win a prize, the sad news is emotion activities. these activities are triggers of your mood.

Mood will continue several hours and more, emotion will last for a couple of seconds and minutes. for example, if you angry at someone it will last for seconds if you heard a joke your laughing emotion will last of a couple of minutes.

We just know about mood and emotion. now lets come to our topic why women have dynamic moods and emotions.? Why men not emotional to the family? Why women close bond with kids and family? All emotion started from the brain’s limbic system. it's a size of bean near to our brain.  If brains limbic system inactive you tend to be happy or positive thoughts. If the brain’s limbic system active more negative emotions like anger, guilt. If the high activity of the brain's limbic system dominates your positive emotion with negative emotions. Not everyone has the same brain’s limbic system, Low
depression person has more activeness in the brain’s limbic system.

other than this there are so many reasons for mood changes related to family background, religion, country, education etc.

If you look for positive thoughts do reading, go out to exploring nature, always be relax and clam by doing yoga or anything that you like.

Symptoms of Ecoil infection

If you affected e coil infection you will ill after 2 to 4 days. if you are very health its take to affect one week. some people may suffer from a slight fever. but some people will affect the Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, which affects the kidneys. old and children more chances to affect hemolytic uremic syndrome.

What is Hemolytic uremic syndrome?

When a person suffers from Hemolytic uremic syndrome he/her blood and blood vessels will be affected.  It will damage blood platelets, a low red blood count kidney failure vdue to damage of small blood vessels of kidneys and damage other organs.

most common symptoms are diarrhea (bloody), loss of colour, low urine output. abdominal cramps. 

Due to a bowel infection, the Hemolytic uremic syndrome will affect other family members and closed contact persons.

Are you going to Black Friday Sales 2018? Be Alert

Preparation for Black Friday sales: note down all your needed product list and be prepared for Black Friday sales. make sure carry mobile power bank, don't take kids to store they won't wait for a long time.

Research prices online before hitting the shops: It is better to note down prices of the product in a paper. some products selling at a lower price. some products increase the price and giving sales discount.

Discounted gift cards: If you have gift cards use it. some time you misplaced gift cards find it. it will save your pocket. or earlier you may receive a discounted gift coupon in the mail search it and read the terms and conditions.

Prioritize shopping list: don't buy all the products in a random way, shop items in prioritizing way. It will save your money and cart

Leave the kids at home: as I mention leave your kids at home. arrange someone to handle your kids. if you take kids to shop give them a heavy meal.

Shop online instead: Nowadays most of the online sellers giving best discounts compare to retail shops. try it save the time and energy

Put a Budget Limit: Don't take credit cards other debit cards, research list products before Black Friday sale, allocate budget carry required cash with you. if out of cash automatically you stop shopping. sales day, it is very tempting to buy all the items don't fall into the trap.