What to do ? What to don't do in Pregnancy?

1) Visit your doctor regulary
2) Take enough folic acid with iron & vitamins
3) Eat healthy foods, like vegetables, Fruits, Lean meats, Whole grains etc. Diet in Pregnancy
4) Drink extra water
5) Must Wash hands after using bathroom. shuld wash your hands before eating somthing
6) Take Around 8 to 9 hours Sleep


1) Avoid Smoking as it raises the risk of miscarriage
2) Avoid Exposure ti toxic and chemicals like paints, perfumes etc
3) Avoid drink alcohol
4) Don't eat high in mercury foods like swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tilefish Diet in Pregnancy Don't take unpasteurized milk.
5) Don't take very hot bath
6) Avoid use of scents, sprays, sanitary napkins

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