multiple eye complications through a single intervention - first time its kind of surgery

A unique successful surgery done by Dr Agarval's hospitals team in Bangalore. A 75 years old mr qasem from Yemen suffering from a damaged and subluxated natural lens along with an injury to iris. " he was diagnosed four different eye complications at the same time,it's a rare occurrence" Dr Bindhya said.

Quasem abbdhulbari abdul kareem 75 years old from Yemen, got a stone injury on his left eye, he visited local Yemen hospitals but nothing improved. One of his friend suggested to India for advanced treatment to his eye. He approched Dr Agarwal's hospital in Bangalore. their he was examined that his natural eye lens and iris ware damaged also diagnosed with cataract,  because of injury he started developing glaucoma (high pressure in the eye). He was given medication for glaucoma, his injury and cataract was left untreated this led to qasem gradually losing his vision. within nine months, he could not see anything beyond one foot. Dr Bindiya and team advised performing Glued IOL surgery, Glued IOL.

 Glued IOL is an advanced treatment techinque that involves fixing an intra-ocular lens (IOL) in to the eye using biological (fibrin) glue, invented by Dr, Amar agarwal, chairman & MD, Dr Agarwal's Grouyp of Eye Hospitals.

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