Making money with free a website

In this article, I can explain what is blogging?  how to make a blog on a free website? how to get revenue or earn from the blog?

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money. Once you start writing an article very soon you will get more income than your regular job.

Blogging is simple. It is a platform to share your knowledge with other people. If you know something to write it. If you see something write it, just write it anything that you like. or you can start to wring on a specific subject it depends on your knowledge and interest   Every article you write on your blog. it will use to someone in the world.

Make or create a blog is very simple.  Its free to create a blog on the web.
Have you heard of or both are free website providers? We can create a website using these sites. It is very simple, anyone can create a website using these sites.  You need to sign up an account with them to use their service. If you have any doubts to create a  free website please feel to contact me I will create it, for that, I will charge a nominal fee. (50USD to 100USD.) for a fully customized website, I charge more.

To get revenue from websites you have to place advertisements, affiliates links and Google Adsense. Here I will discuss only Google Adsense later articles I will discuss more other sources. To get Google Adsense you just need a Gmail account. It's free. If you already have Gmail account use it applies it.

Once you fill the details submit. Adsense team will review it if any changes required they will reply you. This process will take several hours to days. In the mean, while you keep applying for other affiliate sites sign up with them. Don’t stop writing.

It is better to write an article every day. Otherwise, add extra content to your old articles. The more you write the more you get revenue.

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